Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I Had a Great Birthday

The pastors at VCC gave me an edible arrangement. I've ALWAYS wanted one. And they didn't even know it!
This is me feeling very loved.
See those things that look like marshmallows? Those are white-and milk chocolate-covered bananas. See all those empty protruding white spears sticking out? That's where more white-and milk chocolate-covered bananas used to be. I ate them.

See that sheet of paper on my desk? That's the receipt for my edible arrangement that I have to file. The perks of being an administrative assistant. (What you don't see on the receipt, because they happened later, are the smudges of white and milk chocolate because I accidentally dropped a banana on it.)

Then, later in the afternoon, Leiza sent me ANOTHER edible arrangement! Because I've ALWAYS wanted one, and she knew it. It was a veritable orchard of strawberries and chocolate-covered apples and pineapples. There's not a picture of that one, though, because I didn't unwrap it until I got home. Then Katie helped me eat it, while talking about prayer and watching the Packers game. (The two were unrelated.)

Let's just say I have basically filed a restraining order against scurvy for the next 10 years, at least.

It was a great birthday. 

And I'm 24 now. When my mom was 24, she was pregnant. When my grandmother was 24, she'd been married for seven years. This morning I accidentally started dancing in my car when Jackson 5 came on my iPod, and the man in his car next to me at the red light looked at me like I was probably mentally unstable.

I'm pretty content with where I am.


Laura said...

I didn't know it was your birthday! HAPPY [belated] BIRTHDAY, English/finger painting, twin buddy. :)

sister said...

I sure do miss you.

Is it chilly in your office? You're wearing a sweater.

"You changed your socks."

Thanks for the recent tweet about unwholesome talk. I let some unwholesome talk (complaints) come out of my mouth this week and it caused a lot of damage. Wish I could call you to rehash the whole situation. Anyway, that verse was timely. (Well, it would've been even more timely if I'd read it before completely screwing up.)

Thanks for the 9/9 blog comment you left me. I really appreciated it. I'm glad you had just as strong of a reaction as I did. <: - )

Happy [belated] birthday, actual twin.

still sister said...

Remember when Phyllis was trapped in the nutcracker Christmas, and she saw someone come out of the margarita Christmas to get a sweater? "Is it cold in there? ...Maybe that will help."

Heather said...

Thanks, Laura!
Sarah, it's been cold in KY. As in, in the 60s. Which warrants a sweater, I'd say.

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