Saturday, April 30, 2011

Papa Bear

Dad and I watch The O'Reilly Factor almost every night. Some guy wrote O'Reilly a 4-line poem, and Mr. O sent him a signed copy of his book Pinheads & Patriots. So I wrote him a song. I want a signed copy of Pinheads & Patriots.

Your suits look nice
they complement your shoulders
Sitting behind your desk
have you gotten any older?
Surely all the these pinheads
would make your hair turn gray
but perhaps Dennis Miller
has scoffed that threat away

'cause the spin stops here
and the Factor is lookin out for you
You need have no fear
when O’Reilly is on every weeknight, on Fox News

So I’m spouting off
from anywhere in the world
name & town, name & town, name & town
and the word of the day is “chortled”

‘cause you held your own on The View
and you’re number one in cable news
without you, where would be the Talking Points memo?
caution: you’ve just entered the no-spin zone


Karissa said...

Hahaha! You deserve one! No wait, you more than deserve one. You deserve two!

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